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Archive for September, 2011

On a few occasions I’ve blogged about the drive industry, drive performance, and the effects it has on the storage array business in general, but below is a guest blog from my friend and colleague Ian Vogelesang on disk drive trends. He originally had posted this on our internal HDS website, but it’s too good [...]

These are exciting times. I joined HDS through the acquisition of ParaScale, a startup I founded to focus on solving what the industry is now calling the Big Data problem.  When I visit customers, I notice a growing percentage are faced with a very challenging data problem.  The data in its original form is unstructured [...]

The first week of October marks the largest Oracle global event in San Francisco: Oracle Open World 2011.

Last week I posted a review of the definitions and differences of data, information, knowledge and wisdom (DIKW) on this blog.  I wanted to continue that thread to look at why it’s important to understand these sometimes-subtle distinctions.

I’ve worked on three commercial object stores: Centera, Atmos, and now HCP (Hitachi Content Platform). In that time, I’ve seen numerous misunderstandings about this particular brand of storage technology–not just in how they function, but even more fundamentally, on where, when and why such a system would be employed. In a new blog series starting [...]

This is my first official blog with Hitachi Data Systems.  I started with HDS on of all days, Valentines Day 2011!  This reminded me of what I love: of course my wife and children, but also what I have chosen as a career.  I mean, who can’t get excited everyday when you have the unique [...]

While having dinner in Waltham, Massachusetts the other night with a table of smart people, the topic of commodities came up.

Hello, and welcome to the Data Content Blog. On this blog we will focus on the area of data storage commonly referred to as “unstructured data.” We have all seen the industry charts that show the growth of unstructured data to be dramatic, growing to exabytes by 2015. The storage systems designed for this class [...]

It’s no wonder we have so much buzz around Big Data:  we’ve reached a tipping point, which Michael Hay discussed in a previous blog post on how ‘Big Data Is Turning Content Into Appreciating Assets.’  I find news of discoveries and innovation based on massive amounts of data pretty inspiring, and, as you can imagine, [...]

Last year, VMworld was all about virtual machines. All the partner plug-ins focused on helping to do just about anything to virtual machines. From backing up to deploying virtual machines, almost every eye was on the virtual machine ball. What a difference a year makes!

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Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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