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Archive for June, 2011

Recently there has been some media attention about a roadmap and our X, Y, and Z year plans. Along with this, it is also expected that there would be some speculation on the health of certain product lines. Let me assure you, the Hitachi VSP and AMS lines are still alive, kicking and quite healthy [...]

We recently issued our Blog Comment Policy and I thought it worthwhile to mention it here and also share a few thoughts and highlights from the policy.

The Hitachi companies are passionately committed to quality, which is an important goal based on the company philosophy of long term excellence. Products that Hitachi Data Systems sell go through rigorous design, testing, and manufacturing processes to ensure quality,reliability, interoperability, and performance.  In fact, engineers that participate throughout the entire product lifecycle are very proud [...]

Today we announced a new set of converged data center solutions.  Convergence is one of latest hot words given the industry movement recently. What’s unique about HDS converged solutions, you might ask?  They’re combinations of enterprise class storage and compute from Hitachi, combined with industry standard networks, and management software that are optimized for one [...]

Today’s announcement between Hitachi and VMware shows an expansion of our mutual collaboration in the Asian marketplace.  This approach was taken for several reasons:

I was inspired by Doug Henschen’s article in InformationWeek on Big Data in which he hypothesizes that Big Data is bigger than data warehousing. More specifically, he explores whether the data warehousing concept of ETL is also an important facet of Big Data.

Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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