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Archive for March, 2011

A View from Japan As of late, I have been watching here from Japan the world gripped in fascination about the goings on at the Fukushima nuclear power plants. There are a lot of discussions about banning imports and outright fear that a cloud of radiation is going to spread from Japan to other areas [...]

Getting from “Where Information Lives” to “Where Information Works for You” The buzz around “Big Data” is turning many heads. The idea of mining the vast repositories of unstructured data and blending this with the structured data collections within an enterprise seems daunting, but everyone seems to think that there are new opportunities hidden within [...]

First off, I want to acknowledge all of my family, friends, and colleagues here in Japan after our recent shocking event.  In the Northern territory, where Japan was hardest hit, there are several nuclear power plants in danger as a result of multiple explosions.  Fortunately, as I write this post my family is okay, but [...]

Today’s discussion is a continuation of my last blog post, in which I introduced the concept of pervasive computing.

Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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