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Archive for January, 2011

I have blogged before on vertical stacks in “An observation on vertical integration” and again in response to George Crump in “The Rack is the New Server, the Data Center is the New Rack,” both of which talk about the trend that continues to evolve in the industry.  In “The Rack…” I hinted at the [...]

Guest post by Tracey DoyleStorage Visions is an event focused on digital media storage that occurs every year just before CES. I am lucky enough to have presented at Storage Visions the past four years, and am pleased to share this year’s presentation with you here (see the bottom of the post). During this time, [...]

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) is a set of regulations that specify procedures for civil legal suits within United States District Courts. Federal district courts in all fifty states are required to follow these rules, and many state courts’ civil procedural rules closely follow or adopt similarly worded rules. Currently there are 86 [...]

For Security professionals, especially those of us based in the U.S., the guidance from the National Institutes of Standards and Technology provides a wealth of information. Of particular interest are the documents from the 800 Series Special Publications and the NIST Interagency or Internal Reports (NISTIRs) from the Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC) of the [...]

Having cleared the holidays and now firmly back at work, I finally have found some time to reflect on this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago.

In the coming weeks and months the importance of metadata in healthcare will start to evolve and we will see an increasing amount of discussion and product development start to occur. What is metadata and why will it be so important? That is the point of this post.

The past year was all about expansion — expansion of my family with the birth of my son, expansion of my role at HDS and expansion of the Techno-Musings blogger roll.  These were all exciting and very positive changes in their own ways and make me very excited for what 2011 will bring.

Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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