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REALLY, it’s November?? What the??

It happens every year. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering what happened to the summer. And now I’m suddenly finding myself planning Thanksgiving dinners (it’s a U.S. thing) and also finding myself surrounded by Christmas trees and shopping catalogs? Really. I mean REALLY!!! What happened here?

In April, my “to-do” list was manageable, but now it exceeds the size of the New York Times, Sunday Edition. And what have I done? I don’t know, since I can’t remember what I accomplished this morning nor yesterday.

vspIt started out innocently enough, trying to balance: (a) fitting in a summer vacation, and (b) getting ready for the totally awesome Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) product launch at the end of September. The vacation part was easy enough, deciding to take a few weeks off, including one week building homes for the Habitat For Humanity, Global Village project, in Romania. I must say that spending a week pounding nails was a whole lot more satisfying than pounding keyboards and ticket counters. Also, sweating in 106-degree (41-degree C.) temperatures was more fun than I could stand. Really!! It truly was a nice respite to the traditional rat race.

But the rest of the summer was a blur, with substantial travel on 6 continents (I passed on Antarctica since it was really, REALLY, winter there, not to mention it had a very limited customer base). The main goal was meeting with numerous customers, initially involving many NDA’s on our VSP platform, announced to great fanfare on September 27th, and then continuing with discussions of these products, both hardware and software. This travel actually included a few weeks in the Southern Hemisphere, further eroding the summer I thought I had (it was winter there, you know, but I guess you REALLY do know that).

The response has been beyond tremendous, and the VSP is exceeding all expectations and forecasts. Doing NDA’s is one thing, but meeting with so many customers that have bought into this vision and product set, is so satisfying. With NDA’s, it’s a balance of asking a customer to “believe” our promises. But when it’s the “real deal,” it’s so satisfying to hear their responses and positive feedback.

I’ve been through more product launches that I can count (between my work at IBM and at HDS), and they all start with trepidation. How they end (ranging from average to spectacular) is what defines the moment and the effort.

This one was spectacular.

This is a winner. Interested in a VSP? Don’t talk to us, talk to a customer who already has it installed. They will tell you.

So on the one hand, I might snivel about losing a summer season, but on the other hand, it has been one of the most satisfying, if not the most satisfying, launches I’ve experienced.

And…on the positive side, it’s now ski season!!! Goodbye summer!!!

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