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Archive for November, 2010

Hello and welcome to the HDS Healthcare blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as I’m new to the blogging scene and new to Hitachi Data Systems. My name is Dave Wilson and I’m the senior director responsible for Hitachi Data Systems Global Business Development team in the Health and Life Sciences [...]

It happens every year. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering what happened to the summer. And now I’m suddenly finding myself planning Thanksgiving dinners (it’s a U.S. thing) and also finding myself surrounded by Christmas trees and shopping catalogs? Really. I mean REALLY!!! What happened here?

This year’s Supercomputing 2010 (SC10) event was held in New Orleans. The initial estimate on the attendance was approximately 13,500. Based on the other various conferences that I’ve attended in the past, mostly storage-focused, this has a lot of end users and “real customers” in attendance.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) issued version 2.0 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Payment Application-Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) at the end of October.  The changes to PCI DSS 2.0 and PA-DSS 2.0, which take effect on January 1, 2011, have been characterized as being “relatively [...]

Converged infrastructure solutions are critical to organizations as they move to “operationalize IT” in order to increase agility, IT efficiencies and business alignment. And for those serious about the private cloud, it’s one of the most important trends we’ve seen to enable adoption.  Today, Microsoft announced another step in making deployments easier with Hyper-V Cloud [...]

When it comes to standardizing security guidelines, practices, technologies, and protocols, there are a plethora of standards development organizations or SDOs operating in this space. Some are accredited and recognized as sources of formal standards, while others produce industry, government, and de facto standards.

I just returned from the Virginia HIMSS meeting, and let me tell you that meaningful use is front and center in everyone’s mind. For those unsure of how to leverage the term “meaningful use,” is it used to reference the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs, which provide a financial reward for the meaningful use [...]

Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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