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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

I’ve been spending a lot of time with customers, partners, press and analysts over the last several months as we prepared for, and released, our next series of Hitachi Cloud Services.  In those discussions, there were several areas of emphasis that I continually made.  First, Hitachi Cloud Services – and “cloud” in general – are ways of providing IT services with some specific delivery capabilities. In particular, if you have a pay-per-use model, the ability to scale up and scale down rapidly, and have the ability to do this in a self-service capacity, you are “cloudy.”

What cloud is NOT: a single product. One size doesn’t fit all, and one solution certainly doesn’t fit all either. To that end, we have long discussed leveraging our broader portfolio, and engineering in capabilities specifically aligned to cloud delivery where appropriate.  It’s in the combination of these various technologies, coupled with delivery vehicles, that a solution is built.  We call this our “Integrated Platform” that enables Cloud, and as you can see in the picture below, it includes our virtualized storage systems, our File and Content portfolio of NAS and Object technologies, and our broader IP around servers and networks.


With our investment in Cloud, and a continued focus on areas where customers require solutions, I am excited to announce that we have recently acquired the IP and brought on board the core engineering team of a cloud storage software start-up called ParaScale.  By complementing our existing product set and leveraging the distinct capabilities of this acquisition, we will continue to bring to market additional Hitachi Cloud Services that leverage best-of-breed technology and are deployed in “cloudy” ways.

So stay tuned for more exciting developments to come because—one  size really doesn’t fit all, and cloud is not a single product.

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[...] strategist for file and content services Miki Sandorfi announced the acquisition in his Thursday blog about Hitachi’s cloud strategy. Sandorfi wrote that HDS acquired Parscale’s IP and hired the [...]

[...] Ha sido Miki Sandorfi, ejecutivo de Hitachi Data Systems, quien ha anunciado la compra de los activos de ParaScale en su blog. [...]

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