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Archive for August, 2010

I will not comment or field questions on who will win the bidding war, but instead I’ll  use this article and 3PAR’s ASIC technology to prove a point.

An iPad Update

Well it has been several months since I purchased mine, and it is a good investment in my opinion.  I continue to use it everyday in a variety of locations such as the gym and in bed.  The use cases are largely about browsing the web, doing casual work emails, and watching Movies/TV shows.  When [...]

Trying to Out-Geek Michael Just a short blog on how to “out-geek” a visit to the  Transformers Museum by Michael Hay? How about dragging your family to Fermilab, actually, the only one that needed dragging was my wife. The kids loved it. Working in the IT industry for over 25 years, especially as a vendor, has allowed [...]

I’ve been spending a lot of time with customers, partners, press and analysts over the last several months as we prepared for, and released, our next series of Hitachi Cloud Services.  In those discussions, there were several areas of emphasis that I continually made.  First, Hitachi Cloud Services – and “cloud” in general – are [...]

Talking About Storage Virtualization and Storage Federation and Storage… So, while reading Devang Panshigar’s recent blog post (here) on his assessment of EMC’s Storage Federation concept, I like that he is contrasting HDS’ approach with Storage Virtualization. However, I do take exception to the statement of “While HDS has a slightly different approach yielding almost the [...]

So this post is not about storage, unless you count the box that my newly acquired Optimus Prime action figure came in, but about my wife an I going to the Transformers Museum.  Perhaps due to growing up in the 1980s, but I do feel a bit of nostalgia for the Transformers in many ways: [...]

Organizational Empathy

Not so long ago I read a story that stated many college students today appear to be lacking in empathy.  I suggest that you take a gander at the article, it is an interesting read. However, from talking to folks that live in New Orleans post Katrina they continue to say that there are many college [...]

Of late there has been a lot of news about this multi-year project instigated by SUN prior to their purchase by Oracle.  Here is a smattering that I’m aware of:

Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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