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Archive for July, 2010

What is this?

For those that attended uValue this last week any guess as to what this is?  (Please put guesses as comments on this post, if possible.)


Just this past week IBM announced their long awaited refresh to the zSeries: zEnterprise or z196.  The tech-media and blog-o-sphere will and has focused on the large changes in the system architecture, processor, software, and linkage between BladeCenter and the zSeries: zBX and URM (Unified Resource Management).  To be clear this appears to be IBM’s [...]

I’m currently in this very large silver tube hurtling from Tokyo to San Francisco. It’s that 10-hour flight that seems like 40 hours, especially when the person in front of me just jerked their seat back and almost snapped off my laptop screen. If you’re reading this, please, in the future, make that a gradual [...]

A glib title, but none the less I hope it captures the major theme of this week: the formal celebration of Hitachi’s 100th birthday at the Hitachi uValue convention in Japan.  Hitachi Data Systems and Hitachi Ltd. jointly hosted industry analysts, industry bloggers, and technology focused international press in Japan this week for uValue and other [...]

If you have not watched the press conference hosted by Apple then I suggest that you take a gander.  (You can also see several videos on other smart phones including Apple’s 3GS.  Finally there is a video on Apple’s antenna testing facilities.) In my opinion Steve comes off as honest and credible.  His presentation, demeanor [...]

Next week I, with my colleague Claus, be involved in three things. A presentation at Hitachi’s uValue convention on Hitachi’s global core message for storage infrastructure and how our customers are achieving the ideal N-State Interactions with global press both at the Disk Array Systems Division (RSD) and at uValue Interactions with industry bloggers and [...]

If you have not had a chance to read Jason Robert Brown’s blog post with Eleanor I highly suggest that you take the chance to do so.  The exchange of email between the artist who makes the music, Jason, and the apparent aspiring artist who uses the music, Eleanor, is quite fascinating.  I have to say [...]

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Data Center Advisors

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