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Archive for June, 2010

What do these three topics have in common? Read on… This story started for me 4 years ago when I found myself in Barcelona during the 2006 World Cup, where I had the opportunity to hang out in a cool local Spanish pub while Spain was playing France in the first game of the “Round [...]

With the hype in the market around cloud, it’s no wonder customers don’t know where to begin or which road to follow. That is exactly why Hitachi Data Systems is introducing new cloud solutions to help customers take a low risk approach to adopting cloud at their own pace.

Okay now that I have grabbed your attention, I want to open up the discussion on this topic.  Specifically, I’ve been watching as IB has been put into several appliances of late: Oracle Exadata, Clusterix KVS, etc.  There are a series of well oiled uses too such as RDMA for HPC, NetApp’s usage for internode [...]

When Congress promised physicians and hospitals last year billions of dollars in incentive payments if they adopted electronic health record (EHR) systems, it attached some proverbial strings called “meaningful use.”

Horizontal-UVM – Step 1: Setup and Copy-less Data Distribution So it’s been about a month since my last post, sorry about that, but I’ve been working on several exciting projects that has me quite booked up as far as time goes. One of these projects I can actually share with you. I shared this concept [...]

Geek Day Recap

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone for the time. It was great to meet folks in person and I look forward to the next event: most likely Geek Day 1.0.  I think that there is a lot more ground to cover and I believe at future events we will be spending more one on one [...]

Geek Day 0.9 – Update 2

Generally, I believe that the day went well, and I wanted to thank all of the attendees as well as the HDSers who provided their time.  There was a great deal of discourse, debate and Q&A. Two more interesting questions I wanted to highlight:

Just gave my short talk titled “Scale-up/Scale/out.”  Started the discussion on where the HPC world was 8 years ago: scale out only architectures ruled until the NEC Earth simulator changed the game reminding people about scaling in multiple dimensions.  I further tied that into how Hitachi is attacking three dimensions of scaling: up, deep/virtual, and [...]

In case you missed it the second fastest super computer in the world is based on hybrid compute technology.   It incorporates Intel and NVidia processors to achieve extreme scale and performance.  If you look at the number of cores, 120640,  you will see that it has a little more than half of the number [...]

During the week of June 14th, I’ll be in Santa Clara as a part of HDS Day or HDS Blogger Day or what we are calling it formally “HDS Geek Day 0.9.”  We’ve invited several bloggers to attend in person so that we can cover Hitachi’s capabilities and prowess (take a look at the screenshot [...]

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