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Archive for May, 2010

Today I got to thinking about the future of rich applications on the Internet specifically consideration about HTML5 and FLASH.  The first thing is that I don’t yet have an opinion one way or the other.  What tickled by brain a bit was remembering that sometime ago a tenacious individual created a UNIX-like operating system [...]

So it has been a month now of using my iPad, I have managed to take it with me almost everyday. In the morning I bring it with me to the gym and while on the stationary bike either catchup on email, read the news online, or watch a TV episode that I’ve downloaded from [...]

Better Last than Never

EMC, Hitachi welcomes you to the storage virtualization party with Invista2 VPLEX.  What is that saying from Gandhi? Ah,”First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  In our case the first two steps occurred close to the release timing of the Universal Storage Platform (USP) which was in 2004. [...]

Back in December, I wrote about how Hitachi Data Systems uniquely provides a “synergy” of file and content technologies to customers which help them achieve tremendous storage cost and backup savings. I’m happy to share how one of our many customers has bought into this architecture and deployed our integrated portfolio to solve their problems.

Late last year we did a series of shorts, at the white board, talking about cloud storage and how Hitachi’s existing offerings can help with getting traditional applications writing into the cloud.  Well we just released them and you can find all 5 of the videos here.  I’ve embedded the first video in this post [...]

I would argue that Sharepoint is the number one Enterprise 2.0 application on the planet — note the use of Enterprise 2.0 and not Web 2.0.  From interactions within our customer base we are finding that the deployment of Sharepoint sites is well mushrooming.  Part of the reason for this is that it is so [...]

Greetings I’m giving a blogging client for the iPad a spin with this post. Speaking of the iPad Mr. Hollis of EMC fame recently bought an iPad for his family and it has become a roaring success with them. He even quotes one of his family members as saying that whoever forgot to wipe the [...]

Recently the storage industry has been buzzing about federation, remote caching and clustering.  I would say that this is largely due to EMC’s webcast regarding virtual storage, whose technology underpinnings appear to come from some YottaYotta source IP.  There are only two things that I want to borrow from EMC’s discussion on this topic: 1.)varying [...]

There are some interesting moves afoot in the IT industry in just the past couple of weeks.  HP has bought Palm and apparently dumped their Microsoft tablet aspirations.  Microsoft has meanwhile announced an end to the experimental Courier project which was to be a tablet computer reference design including a modified version of Win7.  Apparently [...]

There is an article on Forbes.com talking about moving beyond Moore’s law.  It is written by the chief scientist of NVidia, so there may be obvious marketing reasons for it being published, but that does not mean the theory of hybrid or many-core computing is not a real thing.  Already my colleagues Ken Wood (HDS) [...]

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