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Archive for April, 2010

Thank you, EMC. It’s not often I get to offer my appreciation in public. Now, to those of you readers that think EMC and HDS have patched up any differences we may have had, think again. This discussion is all about FUD – Fear Uncertainty, and Doubt – or as I call it, if you [...]

There has been a lot of positive reaction to our unified compute announcement from last week.  However there were very interesting words from both 3PAR and Storagebod about our announcement in their blogs.  (As for 3PAR, well like NetApp they don’t have any kind of a server business in their back pocket — we’ll get [...]

What does a “Core Dump” Mean Today? I can’t help myself. In my last blog, I reminisced about some exotic old equipment from the earlier days of the IT industry. I also mentioned that back then “core” meant something very different than it does today. Back then, core meant memory, random access memory in a [...]

What’s in a name?

If you have been watching the blog you will have noticed that the name has changed to “Techo-muse”.  There are a couple of obvious play on words such as the manga Technoman or the fact that there is a minor reference to Electronica music; however, the reason for the change is that Ken Wood and [...]

Today, Hitachi Data Systems announced the Hitachi unified compute platform. You’ve probably heard about “converged infrastructure” or “unified stacks” which are typically a combination of server, storage, and network components pooled together as an integrated unit and assigned as a business resource. Hitachi Data Systems is taking this concept to the next level by adding [...]

Today we announced our unified compute platform, which will be inclusive of Hitachi servers and storage as well as other critical infrastructure, e.g. VM, SAN and TCP/IP networking.  Most significantly is innovative and novel management software that orchestrates all components within our Scale Units — you can see several components of Hitachi unified compute at [...]

Disclaimer: I’m not an iPad, iPhone or iPod developer my observations and commentary are therefore not as an individual or company who targets this platform.  If there are those who want to critique my arguments from the perspective of an iApp creator it is most welcomed.

Recently there was a study commissioned by Microsoft and RSA which compared the preparedness of security executives in the area of compliance versus protection of Intellectual Property assets.  I have to say that I applaud these companies for bringing the core issue to the top of the IT industry’s mind.  It has long been known [...]

BLOGENTRY00013-13APR2010-V1-0002.DAT There’s been a great internal email discussion here in HDS after someone shared an article about the demise of tape. The article was from “Tape: A Collapsing Star” and the ensuing discussions have carried on for about two weeks now. The initial discussion was about tape not being as bad as portrayed in the [...]

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