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Archive for February, 2010

Preface Due to the fact that Toyota has been going through the ringer I have been reluctant to publish this post, but as the weeks have gone on I’ve decided it is actually better that I do. To those reading this article I encourage you to remember the ringer that the US Congress put the [...]

There is a very thought provoking article at NYtimes.com on the differences between privacy in the US and in the EU.  I really suggest that as technologists and engineers you take the opportunity to read the article and bone up on this and other regionally specific laws, procedures, and perceptions. Conformance to them can make [...]

The Art of Simplicity

In this post I talk about minimizing design and also about the removal of features or facets of products as being just as important as adding them in. Well just having got a new MacBook Pro, I have to say that the things Apple has removed from the package have actually made me appreciate the [...]

Chips or Pits – How do you like your content? I thought I’d change the theme of my blogs a bit and discuss movies and consumer technology. Movies in regards to both content delivery medium such as movies and shows on DVD and/or Blu-ray, and storylines that attempt to predict the future. Of course my [...]

Over at the American Scientist web site is a rather lengthy, but fascinating article on information archival and preservation.  I highly recommend that you take the time to read this article as  for me it really hit home as I transition from an old to a new laptop.  Basically I start having all of these [...]

According to NetApp’s CEO it is. Well that is at least what he is cited as saying within NetApp’s most recent earnings conference call. (Here is an article at the Register, and here are the Google search results for this topic.) The rationale that NetApp’s CEO uses is that with the advent of SSD/Flash combined [...]

2010 Winter Olympics

If you are watching the Winter Olympics going on now in Vancouver BC, odds are you are seeing some or all of it because of Hitachi.  This is due to the fact that Hitachi Kokusai’s SK-HD1000 HD video cameras are being used by the Canadaian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium, the official Canadian broadcaster of the 2010 Olympic [...]

I have been asking a few folks what they think of the prospects for Apple recently release iPad in today’s Healthcare environments? Well most smile, a few chuckle but only for a minute and then they get a bit serious “You know Bill, You May Be on To Something”, They say. Perhaps they are just [...]


Well IBM recently pushed out a new chip and several new systems that make use of the beastie.  Of course there is the discussion about how this stacks up against Intel’s latest Itanium processor and the soon to come Nehalem octo-core processor.  However, there are a couple of points that I want to bring to [...]

The Best “Video Game” Ever Michael Hay and I have posted about Cartesian scaling in a few blogs over the past couple of months. This is yet another Cartesian scaling related blog, but with a little more game. As you know Cartesian scaling is the combination of vertical and horizontal scaling. In the old days, [...]

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