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Archive for January, 2010

Trains, Tapes and Roadmaps I’m writing this blog while heading to the Narita Airport from Yokohama on the brand new Narita Express. This new train is beautiful, shiny and clean with 180 degree rotating seats. All the things you expect from brand new equipment. Though I thought the old Narita Express train wasn’t too bad [...]

The iPad

Okay, okay I cannot help myself I have to write about the iPad from Apple. The first thing is that I want to point out is that there is some cool Hitachi technology in the iPad display called IPS or in-plane switching.  IPS enables the user to better view images on the screen at extreme [...]

Yawn!!!! Yes I know the title is ever so dry but the topic is front and center as to what will be driving the care we receive over the next 50 years, even the smallest Healthcare environments are generating petabytes of information on each of us each year and what good are we getting from [...]

Remember that Wii balance board that is collecting dust under your sofa, well you might just want to start digging around for it again. In a article I first saw on the “The Healthcare IT Guy’s Site” the Wii is being used for certain types of medical therapy.

Over at Network Computing there is a good article discussing how to get primary storage applications utilizing a cloud storage infrastructure, public or private.  George’s discussion hints at a model that would entail a on premise  device making it easy to get data into the cloud.  This device would make it easy for users and [...]

Drum roll please!!!!  And voila the system is based on the Tesla platform from NVidia.  There is a pretty cool video on YouTube (at the end of the post) which talks about what the system is and what kinds of applications can be moved to that platform.  Also there is a particularly good paper here [...]

Yes…..its been a few weeks since my last post. I totally shut it down over the holidays and enjoyed ample amounts of family time and even learning a few things in the process. My kids love the show “Mythbusters” and while skeptical at first I now believe these guys can debunk almost any myth and [...]

The Storage Playoff on the Industry’s Proving Grounds The pressure is on for team Performance Disks which lists on its roster 10Krpm and 15Krpm magnetic disk drives in various capacities with FC/SAS interfaces. The challengers are the  dynamic duo of FC/SAS interfaced Solid State Disks and high capacity – good enough performance – SATA interfaced [...]

There has been a lot of press within the past week about Google’s selection of EXT4 as their new default file system.  While Google’s performance numbers have yet to be published, the basic line of logic was that due to EXT2′s ability (Google’s current file system) to be more easily upgraded to EXT4 and the [...]

I’d like to urge community that reads and is interested in HDS bloggers to sign up and vote for top blogging honors.  Personally I’d like there to be a diverse set of blogs representing Hitachi, EMC, NetApp, HP, etc. all in the top 10.  However as of now this looks as if it is an [...]

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