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Archive for December, 2009

Well in a few short days it will be the year of Hitachi’s 100th anniversary.  There actually is a pretty cool interactive FLASH presentation here, hosted in India, that showcases some of Hitachi products and includes a nice TV Commercial to boot.  Hitachi’s century long history means that we are one of the few technology companies [...]

In my ongoing series to point out interesting and innovative R&D activities that Hitachi is involved in I turn to the topic of robotics.  The article that I’ve chosen to review can be found here and is a pretty decent read.  Hitachi’s history with robotics starts in the 1960s with the genesis of robots that [...]

While from this summer I do want to point out that within 2009 Hitachi talked about a demonstration of its realtime streaming operating system called Tactix.  The press release can be found here and points to the improvements offered over the previous prototype.  For more details on the system itself I suggest that you head [...]

In my ongoing efforts to explore the depth and breadth of Hitachi’s R&D I’m now pointing you to the August, 2009 overall review of Hitachi’s technology portfolio as well as featured research activities.  Overall Volume 58 Number 3 August 2009 Special Issue of the “Hitachi Review” covers many interesting ventures and research activities which Hitachi [...]

In my next look at Hitachi’s innovation capabilities I want to point to another article which is from the Hitachi Review section of the Hitachi R&D portal.  This article is less about technical innovation and more about bringing the innovative Hitachi spirit outside of Japan.  The author, Dr. Bahadir Gultekin, originally was born in Turkey, [...]


It’s all about synergy.  Defined, synergy is “the interaction of two or more agents or foces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.”  1+1=3.  That’s exactly what Hitachi Data Systems’ file and content strategy is all about.  Instead of building “product silos” that don’t leverage cross-product capabilities, HDS [...]

In an effort to expose many of the novel and innovative things that Hitachi is working on I’m going to be referencing several thought provoking articles and papers which Hitachi has publicly published.  You see Hitachi, like IBM, is one of the few remaining companies with both a strong fast-track R&D spirit as well as [...]

YAAA! – Yet Another Automobile Analogy It’s dangerous for me to own one which is why I drive a truck, but I love fast cars. Whether production, stock, or home made, fast cars are always intriguing, challenging and sexy. I especially enjoy reading facts like this from Car and Driver, “…the Veyron’s fuel consumption at [...]

One of the things I love to see is integration. We’re constantly seeing new technology coming to market, and one of my favorites is our Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP), which includes thin provisioning, ease of provisioning, and great performance improvement for random reads.

Makes about as much sense as IP over avian carriers.  Seriously if I look on the Top500 super computer list I can see an emerging trend towards hybrid/many core computing with the combination of vertical and horizontal scaling — sometimes called Cartesian scaling or scale-up and scale-out.  There is still a lingering hangover in the [...]

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