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Archive for October, 2009

If you have not already heard the Hitachi Central Research Lab has their image search engine at the beta stage.  The name of the beta application is Gazopa and there are even iPhone and Facebook applications for the service.

With the vast majority of hospitals in the United States racing towards an initial Electronic Medical Record implementation or with the ones that have them looking to ensure they comply with the upcoming “meaningful use” requirements. Issues regrading information storage and mobility as beginning to take center stage.

Digressions from the previous post If you had not guessed already I’m sticking with the Kermit the Frog theme here.  And just for grins here is the Rainbow Connection with Kermit and Debby Harry singing.

  Storage Fusion – StoraFgUeSION – SfTuOsRiAoGnE “HybridStorage” refers to the mix of flash and magnetic storage medias blended together to increase performance and efficiency. This particular effort is part of the HybridStorage Alliance to promote and educate the industry on the benefits and advantages of this approach. While I’m not personally involved in this [...]

Hi there folks! Okay so there are two logical arguments that come up again and again and I want to address them, but in two posts and this is the first.  For this post I want to point out the obvious and put a stake in the ground.  For all of the hubris about cloud [...]

My intention with this post is to tie quite a few things together.  The first thing to accomplish is a quick review of the previous chapters.

Today, Hitachi announced a new portfolio of agile cloud solutions at SNW in Phoenix, including the release of the Hitachi Content Platform version 3.0 (formerly Hitachi Content Archive Platform — more on that later).  With this announcement, Hitachi is poised to help end-users, service providers, telcos and system integrators deliver cloud services that reduce the [...]

SNW Fall 2009 kicks off today in Phoenix, and I’m struck by the number of sessions dedicated to “cloud”.  Certainly, what has captured everbody’s imagination is the potential cost savings cloud solutions can have (I guess timing is everything — would the cloud concept have gotten this far had we not found ourselves in this [...]

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Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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