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Archive for September, 2009

The leaves are starting to change colors here on the east coast, a visual punctuation that we’re a week into the fall season.  This, and the coolness in the air — a harbinger of the winter that lies ahead — prompted me to begin my search for a replacement snowthrower.  This past winter put undue [...]

So I’ve read and poked around a bit on BackBlaze’s cheap storage, and there is a key point that I want to bring up: Total Cost of Ownership!  Om Malik at GigOm makes the following point:

Hitachi SDL, for short, is set on a beautiful campus nearby Kawasaki and another campus in Yokohama (actually nearby Totsuka).  This is a great place of innovation for the Hitachi group and you can visit their main website here.  I have quite a few friends and colleagues at SDL and want to make sure that [...]

To sound a bit like Paul Revere: The Millennials are coming! The Millennials are coming!  Most say the Millennials are the replacement to the Boomer generation in terms of size, estimates range from 70M to 80M individuals who will enter the workforce over the next decade.  What is clear is that this generation will significantly [...]

The Healthcare data interoperability train continue to roll along. The latest stone in this long path is Children’s Hospital Boston and the expansion of it’s patient record portal.

Red Sox win, I lose

It was a great game — an annual family outing to watch our favorite baseball team in action.  This year we decided to see them play the Orioles at Camden Yards (Saturday 10/19).  Funny how it’s cheaper to see your home team as a visitor in somebody else’s venue, but that’s a topic for another post…  [...]

Let’s Chat…

…at Storage Networking World.  There’s a packed agenda planned, and I’m happy to be part of it speaking about “Gaining Control of Unstructured Data” (Monday 10/12 at 1:55pm).  I’d love to have the opportunity to meet you and spend some time discussing content growth (and, in particular, your views of where you’re heading) and ways to [...]

I’ve been reading a few articles about HTML 5, and Google Docs challenging Microsoft, and Microsoft’s preview of their new online office version.  Couple all of this to Apple’s recently released iTunes-LP format and it really got me to wondering: what is the holdup to getting people to move their data online?  Well let me [...]

Most recently in the news was Apple’s choice to open source some of the core technology behind Grand Central Dispatch in Snow Leopard.  This is not some automatic tool to remove the difficulty when thinking in parallel, instead it is a step along the way to improve developers’ ability in diagnosing their code that has [...]

So we just announced HNAS 3080 and 3090 augmenting Hitachi’s portfolio. Note, I’m not going to belabor the technical merits, or the design approaches, or the value adds like the Hitachi Data Discovery Suite. Here is what I want to relate; It is rewarding to see dreams become a reality and I’ve discussed in the [...]

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Data Center Advisors

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