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Archive for August, 2009

Well I have to admit I have been a little “lite” on the blog posts over the past few weeks as I have been heads down trying to squeeze the last days out of summer. You might think I came back to early 2000’s as my mail box was littered with spam touting “Fixed Content” [...]

For new applications I think that we are seeing, largely because of AWS, that moving away from clustered or traditional file systems makes perfect sense.  At scale companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc. are finding that new approaches are mandatory.  However, I caution against saying that that file systems are dead.  There are a number [...]

I was asked a great question about cloud, file system access, clustered file systems, etc.  This is my response to that question/comment on one of my last posts.  Note that there are two parts here.  The first is about what I would call the content cloud and the second will be on the block storage [...]

So since I talked about my iTunes woes I’ve been finding continued mention of solving the problem of dealing with bulk data in the home.  Here is another article, from Australia this time, talking about the virtues of home based consumer NAS.  Heck even my own company has an offering in this space, which is [...]

I’m actually a rather big fan of Nicholas Carr the “Big Switch” author and cloud computing guru. However in his recent Modern Healthcare article he states that while the core functions of IT—data storage, data processing and data transport— “have become available and affordable to all”. Their very power and presence have begun to transform [...]

There is a great article about GFS V2 — well that is the current name used in the public press — which talks about a new file system being created removing limitations imposed by the original nearly decade old version of GFS.  The key challenge: application I/O patterns changing due to increased interaction directly with [...]

As it takes a community to raise a child, it takes a strong group to build a solid strategy.  In an effort to expose a team  I work with regularly to the world, I’m going to have them as guest bloggers over the next several months.  Take a look at their materials, comment and supply [...]

So I just finished Children of Dune and I have started God Emperor of Dune. However I was faced with a problem finding a bookstore which had the tome for sale in English. Okay well good luck with that being an easy task while in Japan. So I figured I would give Kindle for the [...]

So today I got to wondering why on earth would EMC buck their normal trend, having only one enterprise array in the market at a time, with V-Max. This is one of those things that make you go “hmm”. Is there some uncertainty with the shiny new V-Max and keeping DMX around hedges risk? Is [...]

USA Today looked at several consumer NAS products in this article.  In my recent post on iTunes woes I longed for a storage management application to manage my balooning iTunes digital media library.  (In fact iTunes is expressly mentioned within this article.) Well I believe that one of the reasons we are seeing reviews of consumer [...]

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Data Center Advisors

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