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Archive for July, 2009

My flippant title is a bit intentional after all when tiering your data many people dock their data someplace to save it for a rainy day.  Sometimes that is indeed the case and perhaps files are placed in a long term tier for safe keeping. Typically we call this an active archive so that when [...]

Often this blog wanders off topic but you folks keep reading it and responding positively so I guess I will continue to go with my gut and talk about the topics that interest me (and you). Thanks for all the words of encouragement, public comments and private emails, I’m trying to keep up with all [...]

E COLI – Is your stomach your next processor? This recent article at the guardian points to a strain of E Coli being used to solve both the Burnt Pancake and Hamiltonian Path problems.  And like FPGA based computing the advantage of the system is non-serial processing since as the article states all of the [...]

HTSM and VM don’t restrict migrations for local or remote copy functions so that is an error on your part.  Early only this was a limitation however it has been removed over time.

I’ve been on this “Mission from God” (with all due respect to Messrs Aykroyd and Belushi, Blues Brothers, circa 1980) over the past few months to promote the additional benefits of HDP.

As an occasional contributor to Michael’s blog, my focus will be on the various and well-known space reclamation techniques of de-duplication and single instancing. By posting, I aim to share my knowledge on these techniques and also have a conversation with other professionals (users and vendors alike) who might have similar or differing opinions.

Well a little vacation time did nothing to help my golf game but I did get the chance to catchup on my reading and believe tme there was a ton of it. By and far the most interesting peice I have read in some time was Phillip Longman’s overview of how proprietary vendors and protocols [...]

This article over at IEEE Spectrum talks about the future of routing in the Internet as the amount of traffic expands.  Essentially the crux of the new routing technology is the instantiation of what Lawrence Roberts calls flows.  He characterizes the flow is a smarter way to route traffic on an IP network.  Namely because [...]

Okay so there have been discussions on HDP, RAID, HUR, etc. already with respect to how Hitachi optimizes capacity on our platforms. However what about file? Well I’ve on many occasions I’ve discussed capacity optimization technologies in the entire Hitachi File and Content Services portfolio. For the sake of a rather short post, I’ll be [...]

There is an interesting post by Chris Mellor at Channel Register entitled:

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Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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