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Archive for June, 2009

There has been so much discussion in the past 2 weeks over Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) and the size of our pages which are, by comparison, large when compared to other thin provisioning implementations. As we all recall from our first course in Computing 101 and memory management, larges pages in memory provide better performance [...]

I ran across this today on Slashdot and Network World.

I recently ran across this post on Storagezilla.  Well I have to say after having looked at their approach to file tiering I have to say nice try.  As I’ve talked about in the past I was there when an external Acopia (now a product of F5) reference customer basically stated they would throw out [...]

The Dance…

What’s under my skin?

Recently, my competitors have asserted that V-Max has gotten under both mine and my HDS colleagues skin.  Well last time I checked the only thing under our skin was flesh and blood just like Barry.  I think that what Barry is talking about is the fact that EMC has copied Hitachi on several occasions and [...]

Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal point to Steve getting a liver transplant.  If true I wish Steve well and speedy recovery.  I think that the Apple customer base, competitors and detractors have all had their fill of rumors and discussions about Steve’s health.  Well knowing about HIPPA and understanding that medical privacy is [...]

The last post I had on a similar subject was the visualization of the Linux kernel.  Well newly added to this class of explorations is a visualization of the Linux file systems by Răzvan Musăloiu-E.

Check our Howard Marks recent post on the issues to be considered when looking at the long term costs associated with storage. Frankly the long-term costs of storage are never more evident as they are in our healthcare environments today. As we transition to electronic health information of all kinds clinical information must be kept [...]

For reference the definition of Wikipedia for Thin Provisioning can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin_provisioning.    Practically speaking the decision to defer the purchase is something that I want to explore.  Common wisdom and research shows that disk price erosion is somewhere between 30% to 40% annually.  Further there is still research showing that on open [...]

What is Innovation?

Since I’ve been talking about commodity versus novel implementations as well as innovation of late something recently caught my eye.  Notably a purist debate on how Fedora will no longer include the TomBoy application and folks are equally skeptical about Mono.

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Data Center Advisors

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