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Archive for May, 2009

Your lungs may work just fine, but the estimated price for universal health care could take your breath away.

As a part of ongoing architecture discussions, the concept of commodity has come up.  First I would like to start with a few questions on the point. < --more-->

I’ve been bouncing around various blogs in the past few days answering questions on the HDS announcement from last Wednesday: The Hitachi High Availability Manager (HHAM, HAM, AM, call it whatever you want and make any jokes you wish). Like any announce, we try to keep things fairly high level, since in a 20-minute webcast, [...]

So I enjoyed the responses on the anagram and there were a lot of correct answers submitted, but unfortunately I failed to mention there was no prize involved. Sorry folks.

“Hitachi released a storage system called the Universal Storage Platform, USP.  Our customers were happy, they had found a way to improve the performance of their EMC Symmetrix systems: put a USP in front of the Symmetrix and virtualize it!  However EMC did not want to hear about this, and when Hitachi told the world [...]

As long as I can remember, the EiaB syndrome has been alive and well. Technology moves from 100MB drives to 200MB drives? Too many eggs in one basket, people would scream!! This cry is an endless industry-wide issue. The problem is part paranoia, and partly adapting to the constant “bar raising” that technology brings. The [...]

I’m sure that the purchase of Data Domain is well heard now throughout the Internet, and if you have not heard about it yet check out the following search on Google News.  I have one really simple question: why?

Every few months or so, while driving to or from the office or airport or whatever, I see a “teaser” billboard that is very good at getting your attention but doesn’t tell you what it’s trying to advertise until days or weeks later. Intriguingly, we keep looking at it every time we drive by until [...]

Stroll through today’s modern hospital…..so many applications, so many DB’s and so much IT time, resources and sweat expended when things go wrong.

I’m sure that when this is referenced with Mr. Steve Jobs of Apple fame everyone can understand RDF and if not check out here and here.  Well in this case I’m extending RDF to EMC’s circus this week where by the gaudiness of the event and the recycling of content is standard fair.  It is [...]

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Data Center Advisors

Data Center Advisors

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