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Archive for April, 2009

Our customers are finding that in 12-18 months they can achieve ROI for their capital investment in the Hitachi Content Archive Platform (HCAP).  Typical usage comes from compliance related activities (not surprisingly as we’ve talked about that in the past with respect to the FRCP and other fun compliancy things) moving content to this less [...]

We all know what a “black box” signifies. “It is a technical term for a device, system or object when it is viewed in terms of its input, output and transfer characteristics without any knowledge required of its internal workings.” I know this because I just read the Wikipedia definition and did a copy/paste into [...]

Barry, Barry, Barry…watch your mud…it’s about to sling back in your direction…. I’m getting a little ticked off over this banter of what company was first with what technology, and Barry Burke, the self-proclaimed storage anarchist, made some comments on our own Christopher Bertrand’s blog that need some serious corrections. I’m not sure where he [...]

The Other HCAP

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while as it is a very strong point about the company that I work for.  I think that with the recent level of debate and discourse on technology I wanted to come back to why Hitachi is such a good company and I encourage all of [...]

Barry, Barry, Barry.  Well with the use of prescient I think that you might have read Dune recently. Anyway I want to get back to a point in my previous posts on programming for multi-core processors.  The notion Barry asserts that Hitachi is somehow implementing an archaic storage platform is pure rubbish.  Even Intel and [...]

Once more…

I credit EMC with copying Hitachi again.  As my colleague Hu pointed out in his most recent post, EMC has used clever marketing and again implemented what Hitachi has been doing for quite some time with their V-MX.  I will be a little bit more brazen and I’m sure get push back from Barry and [...]

To anyone who just happened to have crawled out from under a rock, EMC made the long-awaited announcement of what had been rumored to be either the DMX-5 or the Tigon. Final choice: Symmetrix V-Max. So under the banner of “Overtake the Future” the announcement struck me as “Catching Up With the Past”. Wading through [...]

Who amongst us hasn’t been frustrated by the state of the mainstream media these days? Really! I mean, it’s been almost two years since we were introduced to that first tempting 1TB SATA drive. And now we’re looking at a whopping 1.5TB/2TB drives. Where is the progress here? Have the R&D budgets been slashed? Why [...]

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Data Center Advisors

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