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Achieving the Dream – One Operating System for Midrange to Enterprise Storage

As long as I have been in storage, the dream has been to have a common operating system for midrange and enterprise storage.  This would help to reduce development costs and cycles for vendors, while simplifying management, and providing the [...]

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HCP Raises the Bar for Object storage with Integrated Content Mobility Solutions

Today, Hitachi Data Systems is announcing major enhancements to our Hitachi Content platform that raises the bar for object storage. The graphic below shows the breadth and scope of the Hitachi Content Platform with the new enhancements that are highlighted [...]

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SAP HANA provides real time business insights that accelerate business success. It depends on a responsive IT architecture that can quickly react to changing business demands with enterprise availability and performance. Hitachi Data Systems partners with SAP to provide that [...]


Asia Roadshow

I will be traveling, working and speaking at several events in SE Asia and Australia over the next few weeks. If you are in these cities I would invite you to some of these events. You can contact your local [...]

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To Infinity ... and Beyond!

A glib title, but none the less I hope it captures the major theme of this week: the formal celebration of Hitachi’s 100th birthday at the Hitachi uValue convention in Japan.  Hitachi Data Systems and Hitachi Ltd. jointly hosted industry analysts, [...]

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Hitachi Data Systems Blogger Day

Last week Hitachi Data Systems held their first blogger day, which was attended by 10 bloggers who cover the IT space. It was an eclectic mix. Besides expert industry consultants like Chris Evans, Elias Knaser, Paul Miller, and Nigel Poulton; [...]

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Geek Day Recap

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone for the time. It was great to meet folks in person and I look forward to the next event: most likely Geek Day 1.0.  I think that there is a lot more ground to [...]

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Geek Day 0.9 - Update 2

Generally, I believe that the day went well, and I wanted to thank all of the attendees as well as the HDSers who provided their time.  There was a great deal of discourse, debate and Q&A. Two more interesting questions [...]

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Geek Day 0.9 - Update 1

Just gave my short talk titled “Scale-up/Scale/out.”  Started the discussion on where the HPC world was 8 years ago: scale out only architectures ruled until the NEC Earth simulator changed the game reminding people about scaling in multiple dimensions.  I [...]

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Thailand revisited - HDS User Conference

I was in Bangkok last week to visit Kuhn Taveesak Saenthong and his team for the Hitachi Data Systems Thailand User Conference. There were over 400 people in attendance with around 300 signed up for the Enterprise track. The hot [...]

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