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We recently acquired a summer intern to compile, clean, index and organize assessment reports/models from economic work done at HDS since 2002. I hope to have an internal library of around 200 case studies, with the focus on more recent (last 2-3 years) assessments. As I have compiled and reviewed my own work during these [...]

I am in the middle of a multi-part blog series on some of the secondary cost benefits of storage virtualization. I posted an entry last week on virtualization’s impact on maintenance, and now will talk about the cost of copies.

This is the first in a series of blogs that discusses the impact of enterprise, controller-based virtualization and the impact to secondary costs. By secondary costs, I mean costs that are not usually and obviously measured with virtualization initiatives. In this entry, I will outline the impact of storage virtualization to array hardware maintenance.

Storage virtualization has been proven to reduce many different types of storage related costs. Most notably the costs of migration, asset purchase, cost of waste, floor space, electricity and many others are reduced with controller-based, heterogeneous storage virtualization. When building a business case to move to a virtual, flexible, content-and-information-cloud architecture, these cost areas are [...]

This is my 3rd installment of a 4-part series on when/how it is cheaper to reclaim disk as opposed to buying new. The previous 2 entries covered the setup and calculations, now we will look at conditions when each tends to be better.

I’m out of the office this week—and I plan on continuing my big data case study series as soon as I return—but quickly wanted to reiterate something Claus posted last week.

There is plenty of talk in the press today about big data, analytics and our next new wave for IT. I would like to present 2-3 blogs on a small but important subset of the big data world: storage infrastructure (and more importantly, optimal storage architectures). I will use our storage economics approach for the [...]

I had a conversation with a colleague yesterday on budget consumption, and then saw this shark-eating-shark photo in National Geographic:

There has been great news about nondisruptive migration capabilities, and Hu has a great post that you can read here on the options now available from HDS. Hu quoted me on a rate of $15K per TB for traditional migration, and I would like to address this rate and the research we have done on [...]

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David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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