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The Storage Economist

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Ever since we started decentralizing IT resources in the golden-era of client/server (mid-90s), we have been working to reign in the sprawl by consolidation recommendation. As soon as we consolidate, there will be another reason to sprawl (perhaps next time in someone else’s cloud infrastructure). Consolidation has been an effective technique for many years to [...]

I am a proud father of 5 kids. My 4 oldest are college graduates with meaningful careers in recreation, magazine editing, teaching/coaching and law practice. My youngest is a freshman in high school, and I am always looking to strike-up a discussion around IT (since none of my other kids chose the field) and options [...]

I have been developing a small mini-series on the economics of big data, with a focus on the storage approach used in Hadoop and Azure architectures. The intro blog, case study #1, and a review of bare-metal analysis have been posted to this blog over the past few weeks. I will wrap up this series [...]

I have put together a couple blog entries reviewing some cost analysis that I did 2-3 years ago around Hadoop and Azure storage/server architectures–specifically how we worked with customers to reduce the costs of these environments (in part) with enterprise-class storage. It goes without saying—but I will anyway—the focus of these economic models and case [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

David Merrill
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