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I have had several blog entries on cloud services and the risk of just shifting costs to the cloud. There are some other entries on identifying your current costs of a class of storage (say tier 3) to accurately compare and contrast the exact same costs from a cloud vendor.

I have put together a couple blog entries reviewing some cost analysis that I did 2-3 years ago around Hadoop and Azure storage/server architectures–specifically how we worked with customers to reduce the costs of these environments (in part) with enterprise-class storage. It goes without saying—but I will anyway—the focus of these economic models and case [...]

Earlier last week, HDS announced new services and features of our three-tiered cloud strategy. I also posted a predecessor blog last week on the general cost areas of cloud.

Earlier this week, HDS announced new services and features for our three-tiered cloud strategy. I would like to put an economic overlay on these offerings and the HDS approach to cloud and the Information Center.

Cloud offering are the hot topic of the day. There are various options for cloud services these days. Capacity on Demand, Managed Service Utility, SaaS etc. When we talk about clouds being a solution to reduce costs, we make these recommendations after we know what kind of costs the client is interested in reducing.

Like most people, I enjoy reading predictions for the coming year. Predictions related to sports, politics, and what Apple is going to announce in 2011 are all very entertaining. This is true of storage predictions as well, so when I came across this article from Dave Raffo of SearchStorage (and since I was not interviewed [...]

I could have also named this post “Hey, you, get off of my cloud.” But I didn’t – some type of copyright issue…..

My previous two  blog entries  have shown how price ≠ cost applies not only to standard SAN and NAS storage architectures, but also to cloud storage architectures. So far, we have reached several conclusions:

My previous entry introduced some of the cost and architecture parameters that I have been investigating relative to cloud storage architectures. I have shown that looking at cost of acquisition only, it is easy to see that DAS is the winner. Both TCO and TCDO measurements counts only the CAPEX costs associated with storage ownership. [...]

Over the last two years, I have attempted to capture and document several ‘economic observations’ of new cloud architectures being deployed. My interest is in the total costs of these new deployments, and to look for recurring cost patterns that are similar to older/existing storage architectures. This is the first in a three-part series on [...]

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David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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