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SSD Opens the Way for More Tiers of Storage

I came across this graphic from the HDS Competitive Marketing Group, and it depicts very well the SSD/Flash innovation into traditional storage architectures.

SSD Flash Innovation - Storage TiersWhat used to be simple tiers 1, 2 and 3, storage tiers now range from –2 to 4 and Cloud. I like how the graphic helps segment how the different technology options for data storage and memory should be planned. My interest now is to see if it is easy to define the cost ratios for these new kinds of (negative) tiers. I previously blogged on an optimal cost ratio of a 3-tiered or 4-tiered architecture. Read these here:
Defining Costs for Storage Tiers
Big Data Cost Tier/Ratio
Recipe for Storage Chargeback
Economic Best Practices

I would be interested if other work has looked at the total cost (not just acquisition cost) of the memory and local SSD architecture options. Know of anything? Please share in the comments section.

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[...] the increasing deployment of hybrid cloud storage systems means that companies may be creating more storage tiers, with the lower ones leveraging flash and SAS and the higher ones using HDDs, tape, virtualization [...]

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