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The Storage Economist

Archive for June, 2012

In my previous blog, I started a discussion on power consumption, control and the impact storage has in the data center. This is a front-and-center issue in Australia, and requires new thinking and new investments to sustain government goals and industry trends.

I am speaking at 2 IT events this week in Australia, both focused on power reduction in the data center. Australia has some fascinating and steep challenges ahead as power rates rise at high rates (30% pa) and carbon taxes are now in place. Recent legislation, among other things, has put reducing of power and [...]

As our industry starts to move to consumption-based pricing for storage, there will be an increased need to understand and track current direct and indirect costs, especially at the point that we compare current cost structures to consumption or cloud offerings.

Asia Roadshow

I will be traveling, working and speaking at several events in SE Asia and Australia over the next few weeks. If you are in these cities I would invite you to some of these events. You can contact your local HDS rep, or register for the events with the links provided.

Here in the US, we are almost ready to celebrate the NBA (basketball) championship. Even though my 2011 World-Champion Mavericks are not in contention again, this annual playoff series is still exciting to watch.  Between several customer and sales team meetings this week, and watching some of the games in the evening, I have heard [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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