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The Storage Economist

Archive for March, 2012

I am a proud father of 5 kids. My 4 oldest are college graduates with meaningful careers in recreation, magazine editing, teaching/coaching and law practice. My youngest is a freshman in high school, and I am always looking to strike-up a discussion around IT (since none of my other kids chose the field) and options [...]

I have had several blog entries on cloud services and the risk of just shifting costs to the cloud. There are some other entries on identifying your current costs of a class of storage (say tier 3) to accurately compare and contrast the exact same costs from a cloud vendor.

I have been developing a small mini-series on the economics of big data, with a focus on the storage approach used in Hadoop and Azure architectures. The intro blog, case study #1, and a review of bare-metal analysis have been posted to this blog over the past few weeks. I will wrap up this series [...]

I’m out of the office this week—and I plan on continuing my big data case study series as soon as I return—but quickly wanted to reiterate something Claus posted last week.

I have put together a couple blog entries reviewing some cost analysis that I did 2-3 years ago around Hadoop and Azure storage/server architectures–specifically how we worked with customers to reduce the costs of these environments (in part) with enterprise-class storage. It goes without saying—but I will anyway—the focus of these economic models and case [...]

Last week I posted an introductory blog about big data and some work I had done a few years back in this space (before it was called big data). I have a couple of these large TCO assessments in my library, but will just share 2 or 3 of these that have the easiest story [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

David Merrill
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