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The Storage Economist

Archive for November, 2011

Storage economic principles and concepts are expanding (at HDS) beyond the storage realm—where it has grown up over the last 12 years. Data center costs, VDI, converged platforms, servers and hypervisors infrastructures all have the same requirement to identify and reduce unit costs.

Two weeks ago, I shared the stage at Gartner’s ITxpo with Paulette Scheffer from Adobe. Our combined message was on the economic impact of storage virtualization. It was a great fusion of theory (me) and real-world experience (Paulette) on how storage virtualization has a direct impact on the unit cost of storage. The presentation was [...]

What is wrong with this picture? If you guessed that water and hard drive manufacturing do not mix, you are correct!

A few of us at HDS are combining blog entries and developing an online storytelling exercise around data protection. My contributions will be around the costs of protecting data and how to measure and compare different data protection methods to find the optimum price/cost/risk/protection point. Claus started our discussion last week with this blog entry.

Earlier last week, HDS announced new services and features of our three-tiered cloud strategy. I also posted a predecessor blog last week on the general cost areas of cloud.

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

David Merrill
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