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The Storage Economist

Archive for February, 2011

I have been blogging about storage economics for almost five years. I have spoken to hundreds of customers, and at hundreds of events over the past three years on this topic. We have a lot of material available on our Storage Economics website. But sometimes, a short review with talking points is needed.

If you have followed this blog, or been exposed to storage economics from Hitachi over the past few years, you will recall that we have characterized and documented some 33 different types of costs that make up storage total cost of ownership (TCO). The key part is that price does not equal costs, and there [...]

One of the 33 types of costs outlined in storage economics is the cost of migration, or the cost of remastering. Last week, colleagues in Australia asked me the difference between the two, and how these costs factor into the total cost of ownership (TCO) of certain storage architectures. If you follow the links above, [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

David Merrill
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