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Get Help Somewhere

by David Merrill on Feb 19, 2010

There is an old commercial that ran on television here in the US markets that promoted a drug/alcohol/addiction recovery center. The end of the commercial had an interesting statement: “If you don’t get help from us, please get help somewhere.”

I came across a post from a customer who I had done considerable work with last year. Ian (grumpystorage) is typical of a large customer looking for business justification support for a large storage/IT investment. His point is valid; customers should ask and press their vendors to help them build the business case.

Vendors, partners and VARs all have a responsibility to help with economic models, business cases and justifications. We do this all the time, whereas a local user or admin may do a detailed business case just a few times over the course of a career. So, using the commercial statement, if you cant get help from one (incumbent) source, please get help somewhere.

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