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The Storage Economist

Archive for February, 2010

Can you think and talk in 3-dimensions? Our theater-going experience seems to have taken on a 3-D standard as of late; perhaps our operational, technical and economic metrics around storage is about to do the same.

A year or so ago, my colleague Claus Mikkelsen made a bold statement to storage architects that in their planning they had to start assuming the price of disk to be at zero. Certainly at HDS, eyebrows were raised, but he is right, the price of the drive itself keeps dropping. When measured in the [...]

There is an old commercial that ran on television here in the US markets that promoted a drug/alcohol/addiction recovery center. The end of the commercial had an interesting statement: “If you don’t get help from us, please get help somewhere.”

Lately, people have asked me about the difference of ROI and ROA, both techniques that we use in defining storage economics. Here is my IT-econ perspective.

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

David Merrill
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