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Archive for January, 2010

I have had many different blog entries over the years dealing with verifiable, real, tangible cost reduction tactics. Doing more with less, or at least doing more with what you already have. We talk about the cost of waste, reclaiming waste, and having a strong enough constitution to go to your management asking for the [...]

A recent blog entry on Storage Monkeys mentions thin provisioning and the proper investments needed in implementation in order to achieve a TCO reduction. My comments are in that blog, but we should not be surprised that any new storage approach or technology can have an impact on TCO, but the investments are not free.

A great article from CIO Magazine online, citing a Ponemon Institute study on the cost of a security breach. This $200 per customer record is broken down into several cost factors:

Like most people, I am hopeful that the long, dark 15-18-month IT recession is over. I like to read all the optimistic articles pointing to a comeback.

Just after I posted an entry last week on setting up a strategic storage or IT architecture, I came across this Dilbert cartoon.

Lots of people write about new year’s resolutions. I am not going to elaborate on my one, you do not want to read about them and I may not want to share them…

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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