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David Merrill's Blog - The Storage Economist

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The Storage Economist

Archive for October, 2009

Some of our work in storage economics tracks the cost and impact of storage architectures to CPU cycles (or MIPS, or IO) required of local or specialized servers.

In storage economics analysis that we do around the globe, a recurring and problematic cost is the cost of migration. This is often a ‘surprise’ cost since it happens down the road and it not realized entirely by storage architects. This tends to be an operations cost, and as I wrote several years ago, a [...]

You may have read or heard about the HDS agile cloud announcements last week at SNW. You may see the evolution in the announcement in that a few ingredients are added from time to time to extend the capability, but the key principles of cloud have been available some years now. In my view and [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

David Merrill
Chief Economist

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