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The Storage Economist

Archive for June, 2009

IDC recently reported a drop in storage revenue. This could be due to a) economic conditions and restricted capital, b) users are buying the same or more capacity but at lower price points, c) manual and automated reclamation efforts are presented once-stranded capacities, or d) all/none of the above.

Harvard Economics Professor Mankiw in a recent blog cited US government stimulus spending and the concepts on a non-measurable metric. This is an interesting read, as well as this counter viewpoint on how economics is chuck full of non-measurable metrics. The basic argument for un-employment and statistical achievements is summarized in his statement “You can [...]

In this second blog on the topic of DAS economics, we can outline one dimension of comparison and that is total cost of acquisition, or TCA. It seems obvious that DAS storage architectures have a lower TCA than SAN-based pooled or enterprise storage. The unit cost of direct attached storage is much lower at the [...]

Well there has been lots of exciting new from HDS and our worthy competitors the last few weeks on high-end architectures, clouds, virtualization, etc. While this is important to note, I’d like to focus my next few blog entries will be on a more basic storage architecture, Direct Attached Storage or DAS. Many people have [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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