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The Storage Economist

Archive for April, 2009

Perhaps you have seen these types of carbon footprint calculators. Without travel, I generate 4.1 tons per year of C02. With my travel, my footprint goes up to 31.5. Yikes! It is interesting to note that 1 gallon of gas produces 20 pounds of CO2, while my domestic and international flights generated 0.6 pounds of [...]


I recall clearly traveling a few years ago amid the SARS outbreak, and the preventative techniques in place throughout Asia. The airports in Taipei and Hong Kong all had infra-red cameras, and if your body temperature was suspicious they would pull you aside for additional testing. Each day in the Singapore and Hong Kong offices [...]

Voodoo Economics

Back around 4-6 U.S. presidents ago, the concept of Voodoo Economics emerged, which are simply economic ideas that seem attractive but that do not work effectively over a period of time. The time period and the theory supported supply-side economic principles, and the reduction of corporate and individual tax rates to spur the economy.

A colleague sent me this interesting article from Chris Preimsberger while at SNW (I was not able to attend this year) about the CEO of Symantec telling enterprises to stop buying storage, and better utilize what they already have. He offered 4 key technologies (to invest in with the money you are not spending on [...]

Our government is talking non-stop about transparency and accountability, as it soothes fears around budget spend and government interventions. I would like to plug these same 2 qualities in terms of storage management and cost controls. If it sounds like I am trying to lobby for a coveted government post (I am caught up on [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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