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Archive for February, 2009

I spent time last week in London and Ottawa with 3 very large clients (and one prospect) and then again this week with a large client in the Pacific Northwest. An interesting question came up several times (after reading my 33 types of storage costs paper) with these 5 clients – Why do we not [...]

Dynamic Tiering is a tactical (and yet strategic) method to reduce storage TCO. For so many years, we have built tiered islands with heterogeneous storage arrays, modular and enterprise mixed together. This segmentation of storage capacity has been exasperated with separate storage infrastructures for VTL, NAS, CAS, archive, etc.

Hu Yoshida’s blog post from last week suggests that the recovery bounce-back may be as dramatic as the downturn, especially from the IT and storage demand side. My own observations from attending an IDC conference last week and working with large clients in NY, Toronto and London over the past 3 weeks leads me to [...]

Seems like the US government is also looking to cut IT costs, and some interesting results to save money in IT:

These days, credit is tight. For many, capital spending is frozen or postponed. Yet the growth of data  and information does not want to yield to these capital pressures. That is where observation #2 comes into play: Disk Reclamation.

As the global economy continues to erode, many governments turn to stimulus plans to jump start their economies. On a morning read of the pros and cons of economic stimulation, I came across this theory (you may recall from your college econ course) on the Theory of Rational Expectations.

My last blog entry described the economic impact of using virtualization as an appliance for migration. There is significant cost saving opportunities with this approach.

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

David Merrill
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