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Archive for December, 2006

Environ Econ

I was reading some old articles while at the airport yesterday; several sent to me from colleagues around the world were on the topic of environmental costs and the IT impact to electricity consumption. I have noted this impact in a recent blog as electricity costs are one of the 32 that make up storage [...]

The storage infrastructure is more than the spinning disk or tape, there is a lot of network investment to make it all work. These next 2 categories of storage TCO are related to the storage network.

This is item #23 of 32, the categories that make up storage ownership costs. This next one is often deemed a soft cost, but how data is stored and made available to developers can be factored into the cost of storage ownership. The basic premise is that when developers are testing new apps, or creating [...]

Ranked 284,364

Several times a week, I check on my Dallas Mavericks, to see where they are in the NBA standings. This week, I also checked out my own standing on the estimated 55 million bloggers. According to Technorati, I am ranked 284,864. I am so happy, think I will add this to my Christmas letter……

Forget the title here, these next two storage cost categories are not really related. #21 Cost of Compliance – For many industries, the compliance laws dictate how data is stored and retained over time (several decades for some). There is a real cost of data life cycle management, remastering and moving data over the course [...]

Between Thanksgiving and a radical travel schedule, I have neglected my blog space long enough. Lets get back to defining 2 more (of the 32) types of storage ownership cost categories.

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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