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The Storage Economist

Archive for October, 2006

It has been a few weeks since I paused on the countdown of 32 types of storage ownership costs. A long trip to Asia, changing of Blog software and other work commitments has delayed by return to this topic. We will continue with Items #13 and #14. These next one has to do with rated availability [...]

This space is for the download of storage economics related white papers, case studies and PPT presentations.

I will squeeze in one more blog entry before the transfer to new blogging software begins this weekend. Depending on my agility and ability to change blog software, I may be delayed in completing the 32 types of money monologue. This will not be another installment, by the way.

Early morning in Melbourne….. .a good time to get up and take care of business (4 am) before a work-day. I am taking a break from my countdown of 32 types of storage cost today….

Good news for me, my stay in Sydney has been extended 1 full day. I will be in Melbourne and Brisbane later in the week. Sydney has to be on the top of my favorite-cities-in-the-world (also Hong Kong, London, Seoul). It helps to be in a really nice hotel as well…..

G’day from Australia. With a few hours of sleep-deprived work-time, lets proceed on to the next 2 sources of storage TCO.

We continue with the costs of storage…… the next 2 installments #7 -Recovery time/cost from a Non-catastrophic event – If/when normal outages hit (Whatever normal is), IT and business will suffer business impact and outage cost/time. For non-catastrophic events, faster business and IT resumption have some defined value to the enterprise, the issue is to [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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