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The Storage Economist

Archive for September, 2006

I feel like Casy Kasem, counting down the top 32 hits of storage TCO. I continue the story started earlier on my Blog related to Storage TCO—–

This is a continuation of the Blog saga on the cost of storage sources—–

In a previous blog posting, we outlined that there are 32 types of costs that constitute storage TCO. I have been procrastinating long enough, and will take the next several postings to outline the definition of these 32. We will try to do this 2-at-a-time.

Archival Econ

Somehow during the week, I lost a .cab file on my laptop, and none of my office 2003 products are working. I hope to get a replacement disk by fedex in the morning, then off to spend my Friday in rebuilding my system. I have this sinking feeling that my  dependency on the accuracy of [...]

Working in Italy this week, I had several discussions with consultant/colleagues on the impact of increased storage utilization. We are architecting a large tiered storage environment for a client in Germany, and working the economic models to show how an integrated tiered storage enables less aggregate storage-capacity-waste, as compared with monolithic architectures. In the discussions, [...]

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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