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Archive for August, 2006

A slow day, trying to catch up on 3 weeks worth of emails, expense reports and late tasks. The price to pay for travel-vacation-travel.

I have written quite a lot about tiered storage, and the economic benefits of segmenting data and the storage infrastructure. One of the premise areas of TS enabling lower TCO is the concept of reduced storage management and labor costs. The fundamental principle is that different levels of effort can be expended as appropriate to [...]

My younger brother is a meteorologist for an NBC affiliate in Salt Lake. I remember him telling me about accurate weather forecasting, explaining that the technology and weather pattern models existe to create very accurate 2-week local forecasts. The problem is the processing time would take 2 months or more. With the recent heat in [...]

Last month, I posted an article of how tiered storage (TS) can reduce OPEX costs and provide considerable TCO reduction momentum. There is hardly a week when this topic is brought-up, and we discuss TS design, data classification, architectures and how this effort is really done.

Getting on a plane from Kuala Lumpur back to Singapore this afternoon, I read the headlines in the local newspaper "BLOGGERS BEWARE". This of course piqued my interest. I guess the prime minister of Malaysia does not want people telling lies or half-truths on the internet. Good thing I got out before my blog site [...]

In keeping up with global perspectives of storage and business, I have some thought after working with several clients in Singapore this week. I have previously logged some thoughts on Germany and Russia, and after the end of the week perhaps a note or two on Australia.

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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