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Archive for July, 2006

No, I am not talking about my age. A few weeks ago I wrote about the 30 types of ‘things’ that make up the total cost of storage ownership. Anil Gupta commented on my blog and made some good points, in addition to providing a good graphic on how to characterize these costs. The point [...]

I am working on a new case study, it should be published in about a month, on the economic impact of not buying software to help with performance bottlenecks and analysis. Over the past few months, with spirited 11th hour price negotiations (aka lowest price-per-MB) by procurement, vendors and storage managers tends to make ‘things’ [...]

I realized in my last BLOG that I reference the 30 types of storage TCO elements. You can find this information in my Storage Economics white paper, but for openness sake, here is a list of the 30. Remember that Price does not equal Cost, use some of the 30 types of storage costs (or [...]

I had a series of discussions with colleagues in Germany last week about disk densities, price erosion and how much longer price declines will continue. Price decline is due in part to:

6 weeks ago I was in Russia, and wrote about Russian economics and the impact on the storage world there. I find myself in Germany this week, and some notes are worth mentioning.

I came across this ITCentrix paper on the TCO of various archive techniques and products. Although a good start, I would have added more cost categories to see if the TCO separation became even greater between alternative solutions. I would have added several more cost factors in the TCO, such as:

David Merrill - The Storage Economist

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