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The Storage Economist

Archive for April, 2006

My kids used to love those hidden picture pages in Highlights magazine. Too bad we don’t have hidden money pictures to work-out. My last posting discussed the $1M-per-12TB rule. Here is a real example, see if you can find the hidden money in THIS storage picture.

Are storage budgets/spending on the rise? Six months ago Gartner said no. This month CIO magazine says yes. This can often be confusing; perhaps as an industry there is no good way to predict macro storage buying trends. Regardless of the predictions, there will always be interest in your own storage budget, and maximizing return [...]

A guy I know (me) went to the doctor some years back, wanting to lose weight. On the topic of food in-take, in order to lose weight, I had 2 basic options:

I despise product-based “TCO white papers” (aka brochures)….. I am a collector of TCO and ROI reports that are published, I probably have 50 or 70 of these papers that I have collected actively for the past 7 years with the various topics of storage. A friend sent me a link this week to a [...]

Jumping into a discussion on Storage Economics is easy. We all want to talk about money. Getting it. Spending it. Saving it. Money (or finances) economics are part of our natural human nature, and the IT nature. Problem is, we often count the wrong types of money or look at money in too narrow of [...]

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