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Customer Focus

Big Data Survey Results– Getting the most out of Big Data

Last month, Hitachi Data Systems announced the results of a survey which contained some interesting, but not entirely surprising, results about how companies are leveraging big data solutions. Here’s a quick summary of what the survey of 200 companies with [...]

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The Rolls Royce of Storage

A customer recently explained to me that our storage solutions were great, but were perceived as a “Rolls Royce solution,” and that they had to look at other options because they had some new budget pressures. As I met with [...]

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From the show floor at SIGGRAPH — Tuesday, August 7, 2012

As Matt Jacobs, Video Effects (VFX) Supervisor of Tippett Studio, discussed how during their rendering of the movie The Immortals, Tippett’s artists nonetheless struggled with creating what he referred to as “The Ballet of Blood”.  They used Pipeline FX Qube, [...]

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What is a good target for capacity utilization?

The other day while talking to a customer about capacity efficiency he asked, what should be a reasonable utilization target? With thin provisioning, he can eliminate the waste of over allocation which used to cause his open systems’ capacity to [...]

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Observations from a Decade’s Worth of Econ Assessments

We recently acquired a summer intern to compile, clean, index and organize assessment reports/models from economic work done at HDS since 2002. I hope to have an internal library of around 200 case studies, with the focus on more recent [...]

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Application Efficiencies

The choice of a storage system can have a major impact on the efficiency of an application. There are storage features that can enable applications to run faster and use less CPU and memory; they go beyond the performance features [...]

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From NAS Virtualization to NAS Feature

Per my previous post, I wanted to provide more concrete examples from the storage world related to the sedimentary hypothesis. Here goes example number one: NAS virtualization. You may recall past companies and products in this space. Those that come [...]

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Capacity Efficiencies, Again and Again

Why again? Well, it was about a year and a half ago when I last blogged, and much has changed since then, although the subject is still front and center. David Merrill has certainly discussed this numerous times as well, including [...]

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HDS Industry Influencer Summit – The Other Stage

Last week was the inaugural HDS Influencer Summit, convened in downtown San Jose. This event included financial analysts, industry analysts and key industry bloggers. It is interesting that the majority (maybe all) of these attendees are related to the storage [...]

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Customer Proof Points

As my colleague Claus Mikkelsen wrote, HDS is holding an analyst day for financial and industry analysts, and invited some bloggers to get an update from our CEO Jack Domme and other key executives on our vision and strategy for [...]

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Excited About Our Inaugural HDS Influencer Summit 2011

Fall is in the air, but HDS will be turning up the heat in San Jose this week with our first analyst day. Kicking off on Thursday, November 10th, HDS will host two days of executive presentations, financial updates, and [...]

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For those of us who know the Hawaiian Island of Maui, HANA is fondly remembered as that little town on the southern tip where you can buy shaved ice at Hasegawa’s general store. Today, HANA is known in the IT industry [...]

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Happy Birthday VSP

Today, September 27, 2011, marks the one-year anniversary of our Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) announcement. VSP has been the most successful product in our history, and according to Roberto Basilio, our VP of Product Management for Storage Hardware, VSP helped [...]

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Soybean Is A Commodity

While having dinner in Waltham, Massachusetts the other night with a table of smart people, the topic of commodities came up. What is a commodity? Soybean is a commodity. Steel is a commodity. Why does everyone consider storage a commodity? [...]

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Storage Migration Experience at Mexican Bank

During my visit to Mexico, I met with members of a large bank who described their storage migration experience over the years that they have been an HDS customer. In April 2004, Hitachi Data Systems won the SAN project at this bank, [...]

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Talking Converged Solutions with Lynn McLean

This week I participated in an Executive Briefing Center on the road in Mexico City. This is where we take a number of our executives on the road and set up a briefing center for a week for customers and [...]

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Congratulations to Our Customers Named as Laureates in the Computerworld Honors Program

The IDG Computerworld Honors Program honors visionary applications of information technology promoting positive social, economic, and educational change. I would like to extend my congratulations to our customers who were selected this year as Computerworld Honors Laureate award winners in [...]

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Hitachi and Quality: An Overview

The Hitachi companies are passionately committed to quality, which is an important goal based on the company philosophy of long term excellence. Products that Hitachi Data Systems sell go through rigorous design, testing, and manufacturing processes to ensure quality,reliability, interoperability, [...]

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An Amazing Week of Content and Context

Last week was a busy one with travels between Amsterdam, Sefton Park, UK, and Brussels, replete with 4:30 am wake up calls for early morning flights between countries and late night dinners. But it has been an amazing week filled [...]

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Delivering Value to Customers: More Than Just Hardware

Early in November, Ray Lucchesi from Silverton Consulting posted on his views about pure commodity hardware versus customized hardware within the storage industry. To recap his thesis in a sentence: where there is clear value and it can be solved [...]

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