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Big Data


In the last twelve months we’ve seen some massive data security breaches in the United States.  Here is a list with the largest number of customer records exposed to loss: Anthem (80,000,000), Home Depot (56,000,000), JP Morgan Chase (76,000,000), EBay [...]


2015 Trends: Big Data, Internet of Things, Data Lakes, and Hybrid Cloud

This post is the next to last post in my blog series on top trends for 2015. I will follow up with my final post after the webcast with George Crump of Storage Switzerland on December 10. These three trends [...]

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Signatures, PINs and Finger Veins

According to the Business Insider “The cost of global payment card fraud grew by 19% last year to reach $14 billion. The cost of U.S. payment card fraud grew by 29% to $7.1 billion.” Last week I was in the [...]

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Internet of Things and Train as a Service

Last week I was in the UK and had an opportunity to get an update on the Hitachi Train project, which was initially installed for the London Olympics. There has been a lot of progress in the past four years. [...]

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Will Big Data Create Information Silos?

One of the big requirements in healthcare today is the requirement for Vendor Neutral Archives. This is the ability to store medical images from different vendors in a way that enables access to the data in a vendor neutral manner [...]

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Big Data of Tomorrow – Internet of Everything

There are basically three types of data. First there is business data that is generated by business processes and is usually stored in a structured repository like a database. The next type is human data or data that is generated [...]

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Big Data Survey Results– Getting the most out of Big Data

Last month, Hitachi Data Systems announced the results of a survey which contained some interesting, but not entirely surprising, results about how companies are leveraging big data solutions. Here’s a quick summary of what the survey of 200 companies with [...]

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Hitachi Information Forum: London

The Hitachi Information Forum in London last month was an overwhelming success. With more than 300 attendees and 20 sessions ranging from IT economics to customer case studies of private cloud deployments and converged infrastructures, the forum focused on practical [...]

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Hitachi Information Forum in Mainz, Germany – Big Data Panel

Earlier this month, the 5th annual Germany Hitachi Information Forum was held in Mainz. With over 300 attendees, 20 presentations, hands-on breakout sessions and a panel discussion on big data, the event was an overwhelming success. As a pretext to [...]

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Big Data Just Got Bigger

Well, it’s been quite a while since the health and life sciences (HLS) team issued a blog. Things have been quite busy as our business continues to grow at unprecedented rates, far beyond the market. While we’ve been busy driving [...]

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Big Data and Many Things Trying to Get Along

The n-body problem is the problem of predicting the motion of a group of celestial objects that interact with each other gravitationally. The result of the n-body problem, beyond 3 interacting bodies of gravity on each other, becomes chaos and [...]

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Hitachi Machine Data in Action: Open Pit Data Mining

Sara Gardner, Senior Director SW Product Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems in conversation with Martin Politick Director, Research and Development at Wenco International Mining Systems The Internet of Things is the future of big data! Millions of machines all connected to [...]

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Big Data – It’s not the size of your source but the size of the insight that really matters

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve heard some great quotes from acquaintances and colleagues. Ron Lee from my team recently attended a CIO breakfast in Asia Pacific (APAC) where he heard the following from a CIO: “I’m not worried [...]

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Video Surveillance for the Next Generation

When I am not travelling, I like to unwind before I go to sleep by watching recordings of real life TV mysteries like 48 Hour Mystery. The other night it was about a man who was hacked to death and [...]

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Follow-up to Big Data - First Steps

Awhile back I blogged about the value of big data and how it was being implemented in Liberia to improve the nutrition of nursing mothers and their new born and young children. It was interesting to read about a recent [...]

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Hitachi’s Integrated Vision Around Big Data

Extending my series on big data dimensions around volume, velocity, variety and value as defined by IDC and Gartner, this post is about value. How do we get value out of big data. In a previous post I referenced a [...]

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The Value of Big Data – First Steps

There are many examples of how big data brings value to companies large and small. Collecting data from new sources and correlating the data to generate information that helps grow the business and provide a competitive edge. I will be [...]

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HCP supports Big Data at PB Scale

Last month Hitachi announced enhancements to HCP, which is a major new release of our Hitachi Content Platform.  There were some major enhancements which were covered by Michael Hay in HCP and HDI, A Monster Release and by Ken Wood [...]

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Big Data Variety

In past posts we talked about Big Data Volume and Velocity requirements and how they could be addressed with Hitachi Data Systems block, file and content storage. Today we will be looking at big data variety. The reason that big [...]

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99 Notre Dame, San Jose

This morning I accompanied a young person to the Superior Court in San Jose. This Court is located at 99 Notre Dame in San Jose. Once we went through the metal detectors we joined a long line of people in [...]

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