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Global Storage Virtualization with GAD is GA!

The global active device (GAD) feature that we announced with our VSP G1000 storage array on April 23 of this year has been released for General Availability after extensive testing of its use for both block and file storage by several key customer accounts. GAD greatly simplifies and automates high availability to ensure continuous operations [...]

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Enterprise Mobility Management with – Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

Data mobility, the ability to access, sync, and share data on mobile devices as well as your desktop, enables your enterprise workforce to be more productive with the agility to create and respond to new business opportunities. However, mobility presents new challenges for IT professionals who are responsible for the protection and governance of enterprise [...]

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VMware Virtual Volume Integration with Hitachi Storage Virtualization – A Winning Combination

Continuing from my last blog where I shared my views on the passing fad of stand alone storage solutions, like all-flash-arrays and file sync and share solutions that are not integrated with enterprise systems, I see tremendous adoption for new storage technologies like Virtual Volume (aka VVol). VVol, from VMware, which enables the integration of [...]

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Will the All Flash Array Market Go Away? - Response

As a response to my recent post, George Crump provided a differing perspective in his blog site, storageswiss.com. George is a highly regarded blogger and analyst whom I respect and share many of the same points of view regarding the IT industry. However, we don't always agree, or sometimes we take a different perspective and [...]

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Popular Storage Trends That Will Go Away: AFA and EFSS

In this competitive IT market we are constantly looking for new technologies. Venture capitalists make their fortunes on discovering and promoting new technologies before they cash out and go on to the next big thing. It is tempting to jump on every new promotion to be on the cutting edge. However, many of these technologies [...]

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Shirt Sizes are not the Way to Buy IT Infrastructure

Last week we had an internal meeting in Santa Clara with representatives from all the geographies in Hitachi Data Systems. Since last week was also the finals for the World Cup in Football, we all received football shirts emblazoned with the words "One Hitachi". As you can imagine, with an international audience, one size does [...]

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Hybrid Cloud Economics--Part 3

In conclusion to my 3-part series on hybrid cloud cost, let's review a few key points: Hybrid clouds can bring the best part of public and private ownership to the local storage team Crossover points are important, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution The time dimension is important, be sure to have a time horizon [...]

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Hybrid Cloud Economics--Part 2

This is a continuation of a 3-part series on the economic factors for hybrid clouds. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of cloud storage vs. DIY storage (in this case a low cost tier of storage for archive or object store). Now if we take the best of each, and build [...]

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