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What is the next step in Storage Virtualization?

In 2004 Hitachi Data Systems introduced the Universal Storage Platform, USP, which was the first storage array that could attach and virtualize third party Fibre Channel storage arrays. Instead of following other vendors by doing virtualization through an appliance that added complexity and another layer of management in the Storage Area Network, Hitachi chose to [...]

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Business – Not Company Size - Should Define Storage Infrastructure

Traditionally, storage has been defined as either midrange or enterprise, based on the assumption that midrange or smaller customers did not need the performance and availability of larger enterprise customers. As a result, midrange storage could be built on a simpler, lower cost, dual controller architecture, where one controller supported the other controller in an [...]

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IT as a Profit Center

For decades, IT departments have been a cost center. Information technology is a cost to the company. The services and capabilities are undoubtedly valuable, but like legal, accounting, or human resources departments they are a cost to the company. In my humble opinion, in many cases this should change. Most of my work as the [...]

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Internet of Things and Train as a Service

Last week I was in the UK and had an opportunity to get an update on the Hitachi Train project, which was initially installed for the London Olympics. There has been a lot of progress in the past four years. Mechanized rail transport first appeared in England in the 1820s, almost 200 years ago. Today [...]

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World's Most Ethical Company

By David Karas "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." ― Aristotle Last night, in New York City, several of the world’s top companies, including Microsoft, Intel, Google, Adobe, Ford Motor Company and Cisco were recognized as the World’s Most Ethical Companies. Receiving the recognition right along with [...]

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I/O Video Series: Episode 4 - Hitachi Research and Development

In the latest episode of I/O, Yoshimasa Masuoka, Senior Director, R&D Division, Hitachi America joins Michael Hay and Greg Knieriemen to discuss HDS research and innovation. On this episode we discuss: Background of Hitachi Research and the aligned development of emerging technologies The facilitation of technology development with customers Innovation in Open Source software including [...]

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Gartner's Critical Capabilities Provides Transparency

Gartner has long been a major influencer in many technology markets. Many CIO's include Gartner's research assessment to support their evaluations before they make a buying decision. Up to now, Gartner's research methodology was comprised of the Magic Quadrant, also known as the Magic window for the graphical way that technology providers are positioned in [...]

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Storage security must be designed in from the beginning

Storage security is getting more attention as I outlined in my top 10 trends post in December. In that post I talked about the availability of data encryption in the backend directors of Hitachi storage systems, VSP, HUS VM and HUS 150 with local or external key management. This encryption was designed into our storage [...]

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